Dr. Jennie is an amazing acupuncturist and professional! She has treated me since 2017. Her approach is therapeutic, caring, and spot on! When I first came to her my energy and adrenals were at their lowest ever. Since then I have more energy and unfortunately now have neuropathy in my feet. However, Dr. Jennie’s “nerve work” has been a gift and I continue to reap the benefits of her knowledge and expertise – along with her exceptional bedside manner. If you are looking for fabulous treatments for your body, mind, and spirit; make an appointment today. Dr. Jennie, Alexandra (massage therapist) and the very accommodating staff, you will not regret it!

I have been to several doctors over the last 13 years with many different ailments. Nobody has helped me like Jennie. She has spent more time getting to know me, my symptoms and my lifestyle than any other doctor over the years. After 2 acupuncture appointments and Chinese medicine I felt a difference. Now; a month later I can say that she is magical. She has a passion, deep understanding and has changed my life. My energy level is better, my anxiety and inflammation is lower and she is treating my migraines. I look forward to my appointments because I know she is changing my life!

There is nobody better for acupuncture than Jennie Luther at Family Tree Acupuncture and Wellness. She always takes the time needed to accurately understand what is going on physically and emotionally with my mind and body and, after listening and asking very pointed questions (yep – sometimes gross ones), she treats me. I trust her more than any doctor I’ve ever seen.

Remarkable! I had never done acupunture before – and I’m hooked now! I don’t know if that is the correct phrase or not but honestly I was so uncomfortable with a new back strain and after 2 visits I am pain free! Jennie also helped me with my chronic sinus issues and I am. Forever grateful!

Jennie is a bright light! I have been seeing Jennie for over five years for chronic pain and auto immune issues. She is so kind, gentle, extremely gifted, thoughtful and insightful. I would recommend her to anyone! Even my toddler son and seen her and he loves “Miss Jennie!” Thank you for your healing touch, Jennie!

In a very short time, Jennie has helped me make improvements in a long-held chronic health condition. I am so grateful for Jennie’s professionalism, knowledge and care. I highly recommend Family Tree Acupuncture & Wellness for any health condition which may benefit from Chinese medicine!

Thank you so much Jennie for helping Frank- it has been so long since he has been without pain, and you helped him relax and be pain free! You are amazing!

Jenny has done wonderful work with my four month old baby. She is a very gifted practioner and I am proud to know her and have her treat me and my little one.

Jenny is a powerful and gifted healer. Anything and anyone she touches will leave better than they arrived, and in my opinion, should consider themselves very fortunate!

Jennie is an amazing practitioner. Her knowledge and bedside manner are unmatched. I feel like every time I go in I get a relaxing hour with one of my best girlfriends. She has helped heal my family in so many ways.

Jennie is wonderful! She is very knowledgeable and talented. Although I was pretty anxious about the acupuncture needles, explained it really well and put me at ease. With Jennie, you can trust that she knows what she’s doing, and that she’s doing it well!

Acupuncture was something I’d heard about, and when I got some weird numbness in my knee and leg, I tried Jennie Luther’s needles. Wow. It was so different than going to a doctor. The experience was relaxing and empowering. Jennie didn’t preach to me, or make me feel like she was “the doctor who knows all”. She’s very humble, yet very knowledgeable. I will return with any pains, sicknesses, or worries I experience. Thank you Jennie!

I went to see Jennie for an overall “tuneup” and left feeling wonderful! She used acupuncture to release the tension in my back, and it felt so good to feel all the stress melt away! I highly recommend going to see Jennie if you haven’t yet! She listens and is very smart and intuitive.

Jennie is incredible! She used her highly skilled techniques to help my mom with her foot pain. She is a talented acupuncturist. Through Chinese medicines, Jennie delivers a great world of healing and feeling so much better! I highly recommend her! Thank you Jennie!

I love Jennie at Family Tree! She is incredibly knowledgeable and makes real change! She has years of experience and extensive education making her an expert in the field. I saw Jennie for allergies and with 1 treatment, I noticed improvement. In addition to my acupuncture, she prescribes herbal supplements based on your bodies need. I love that they are in tablet or capsule, as I HATE tea! If you have anything challenging you in your life, whether it is illness, stress, pain, etc – book an appointment and let Jennie help you!

Jennie is an extremely gifted and knowledgeable acupuncturist. She always welcomes you with a smile, takes time to thoroughly listen and learn about any ailments or issues you may be experiencing, and precisely targets treatments to address problem areas. Jennie is truly the “best of the best” and I highly recommend her!

Jennie is a gifted practitioner. She has helped me tremendously in the few months I have been in her care. I have improved mobility, less chronic pain and more energy. I truly appreciate how kind, compassionate and caring she is each time I see her. I look forward to my appointments and am grateful for her knowledge in acupuncture & Chinese medicine.

I have been seeing Jennie for 3 months now. If you are looking for an acupuncturist look no further. She has helped my depression, anxiety, energy levels, plantar fasciitis and my lower back pain with her treatments. She is extremely professional and will pay attention in detail on your health concerns and will do everything possible to help you.

Jennie Luther is so knowledgeable about how all parts of wellness are intertwined. This helps me understand and be able to use her recommendations more consistently. She has also treated my son, who is 7, and he always asks when we are going back. She has helped me with issues from pain to stress to fending off colds. I have worked with other acupuncture providers and have had no complaints, but Jennie’s supportive and positive outlook has made her the best at what she does.

Jennie has been amazing! And although we are still working through my bursa muscle problem, it has definitely improved! I was facing going to the orthopedic back doctor which was scary since they always want to do surgery! So THANK YOU, Jennie!!

I suffered with lower back pain for 3+ years. I had been to multiple doctors and tried several different therapies including massage therapy, exercise and chiropractic procedures. After just 3 sessions with Jennie, I am pain free! She spent the time necessary talking with me to diagnose my symptoms and treated my pain accordingly using acupuncture and Chinese herbs. It feels wonderful to no longer live with back pain. Thank you Jennie!!

Jennie is amazing! I had significant back pain (new injury) and was able to walk after the first visit without much pain and was pain free after the second visit! She also recommended sinus herbs that really helped with my chronic sinus issues! I have only been 2-3 times but I will continue with Jennie for almost any issue. THANK YOU!

Sara is energetically gifted with the ability to treat from the heart, not just [her] head. A practitioner like this is difficult to find.

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