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Sara Crispino, L.Ac.

Do you ever feel like moving through your daily activities is hard?

Like you’re wading through sludge to get your chores done? Or if Steve from accounting chews his breakfast with his mouth open again, you might lose it?

You might have stuck energy! 

Stuck energy, aka Stagnation in Chinese medicine, can feel different to everyone but the most common sensations are: a feeling of being pent up, sluggishness, tiredness, anxiety, frustration, or even heaviness. 

What is Aggressive Energy?

In Chinese medicine, the concept of Aggressive Energy, or AE, comes from the idea that we need a balanced flow of energy between each organ to feel well. When we have AE, the organs are out of balance and our energy flow becomes stagnated. 

Aggressive Energy is energy that is pathological (meaning it’s causing trouble) and can range from something like a common cold, an injury, or from an emotional upset caused either internally (negative self talk or beliefs) or externally (a situation, past or present, causing emotional stress).

Aggressive Energy is something distracting or bubbling under the surface that prevents the body from healing or balancing efficiently.

Some other emotional experiences that can be considered Aggressive Energy are:

  • Relationship difficulties
  • Family challenges
  • Dietary struggles
  • Substance abuse
  • Chronic stress
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Hyperfixation

None of these experiences sound enjoyable, do they? 

It’s important to make sure our bodies are cleared from these more ‘surface level’ energies so that we can influence the deeper and more constitutional difficulty that allowed us to be so affected in the first place. 

Aggressive Energy Treatment

An Aggressive Energy treatment is often utilized as an initial acupuncture treatment. This helps us assess the individual organs and clear any “blockages” that could prevent future treatments from working as well. 

If you broke your leg, you wouldn’t expect to hike a 14er without getting the cast off and doing a little PT first, would you? This treatment is like removing the cast and strengthening the leg a little bit before doing more intensive rehab. 

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, each organ of the body has an associated emotion or aspect of our mental experience or spirit. There are five main emotions and organs that we tend to focus on:

Aggressive Energy Treatment

As you can see, each organ has an emotion associated with it. It may be true that you’re noticing a little more frustration than usual; maybe you’re feeling extra snappy, or you suddenly have road rage like never before…

This would imply that something is off with your Liver organ system and we’d likely see a lot of “sha”, or redness, at the point associated with the Liver.

After the treatment you may notice a change in your road rage (hopefully for the better).

What is the treatment? Does it hurt?

The points of this treatment are chosen from a group of points we refer to as Back Shu points.The word “shu” literally means “to transport” which suggests that these points transport energy directly to or from their corresponding organ. We needle these points shallowly so the needle is just barely within the skin.

This technique is very gentle and causes minimal discomfort as the goal is to activate the Qi gently.

Signs You Have Aggressive Energy

Needling the specific points of this treatment can give us tons of information about what’s going on internally. The most telling sign is when we see something called “sha”. Sha is a change in the skin around the acupuncture needle, often seen as a red, histamine response.

It’s really the body giving us a resounding “YES, this way! That’s where the problem is! ”. Which brings me to the concept of Aggressive Energy. 

What to expect during an Aggressive Energy Treatment

There are lots of opinions about how this treatment should be done, some traditional and some less so. The less traditional and more adaptive way is based on super special, magical, intuitive, sensing of the person on the table…

Kidding…kind of. 

It’s true that acupuncture can be like a conversation with the body, and every body communicates differently, so taking time to sense is important!

With this treatment it’s like we’re telling the organs “wake up, we’re coming to clear and balance energy and we want your attention!”

After one or a few treatments (sometimes we have a lot of Aggressive Energy, so one treatment isn’t enough), each organ should be standing at attention and ready for their close up.

This way the body is able to slowly warm to the idea that it’s time to let go of some of this energy and maintain a balance.

An important note about after treatment

This treatment can be like opening the door to a room full of things we forgot we had… 

Basically, it can cause our body systems to stir a bit. This can look like many things but commonly: a little bit of stomach gurgling or change in digestion, going to the bathroom more than before, changes around your menstrual cycle, or an increase in emotions and potentially emotional release. Sometimes this happens as the treatment is happening, sometimes after the fact. 

However uncomfortable this may seem, it’s actually a good thing! It means your body is letting go of things preventing you from feeling better which means we’re on our way to balance!

If you think you or a loved one has stuck energy, maybe an Aggressive Energy treatment is for you!

Book a free 15 minute telemedicine consult with us to see if an Aggressive Energy treatment is a good treatment for you. You’ll get a chance to tell us what you need help with, and we’ll let you know how we can help, how many treatments we recommend for you, and what to expect.

And of course, you can also just book a treatment with us, too! 

Sara Crispino, L.Ac.
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