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Cancellation/Late Policy

We have a 48-hour cancellation/No-Show policy. 

Cancellations: Appointments cancelled with less than 48 hours notice, or no-shows, will be billed half price of their appointment.

Late Arrivals: if you are 5-10 minutes late, you may have your time shortened, but I will accommodate you as much as possible. However, if being 5-10 minutes late becomes a habit, your time will be shortened. If you are more than 15 minutes late, I may not be able to treat you that day, and the appointment will be considered a late cancellation.

As always, exceptions will taken into consideration for emergencies or major illness.

How to prepare for your visit

  • First, make sure you take a few minutes to complete all your new patient forms in our online booking Patient Portal.
  • Wear comfortable, loose fitting clothing. For acupuncture we will need access to legs below the knees and arms below the elbows. For bodywork, we will need access to the areas we are treating. We also have sheets and towels for draping if needed. You will be modestly covered at all times.
  • Drink a lot of water, and make sure you’ve eaten before your appointment. Acupuncture and bodywork can make you woozy on an empty stomach.
  • If possible, it’s best to avoid OTC pain relievers like Ibuprofen before your treatment. It can mask your symptoms, and make you less aware if pressure is too much.
  • Give yourself a few extra minutes to get here. This gives you a few minutes to relax and have a cup of tea in the waiting area. This ensures you get the most out of of your time!

What to expect

Your first visit will be 90 minutes. It will include an in-depth health intake, and a full treatment with herbal recommendation. Come a little early and enjoy a cup of tea and let yourself relax a bit! We will come out shortly to bring back to your treatment room.

The first half of the visit, about 45 minutes, we’ll talk about your symptoms and your health history. Questions include things like diet and lifestyle, digestion, periods and injuries. We go into a lot of detail to get the fullest picture of what’s happening with your body. We will probably take your pulses, and look at your tongue. Depending on your chief complaint, we may do a short physical exam if necessary for your symptoms.

After our intake, we’ll have you get on our comfy treatment table. Depending on what we’re treating, and what you’re wearing (ie. skinny jeans…), you may stay dressed, or we may give you a sheet or large towel to cover up with if we ask you to get undressed (we will step out of the room while you change.) Generally, we will at least need access to your arms and legs from elbows and knees down.

Please, always let us know if you have questions, concerns, or are feeling unsure. We want you to be as comfortable as possible. You set the pace, and if something isn’t right, please tell us right away.

Once you’re settled in, we’ll get the table warmer set, adjust the heat lamps, and make sure you’re comfortable. We want you to feel nice and relaxed! A lot of people fall asleep during their session.

We may palpate (feel with our hands) some acupuncture points and other areas to check for temperature or tenderness. If bodywork is indicated, we may do that first, or at the end. Then we swab the acupuncture points we will use with alcohol, and will start your acupuncture treatment.

More Questions?

It is very common to still have more questions – such as what kind of needles do you use? What does acupuncture feel like? How will I feel after treatment? How many treatments will I need?

For answers to those questions and more, be sure to visit our frequently asked questions page here.

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