Meet Maggie

Maggie is Dr. Jennie’s Medical Alert Dog In-Training

Maggie will be in the office on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays whenever I’m (Dr. Jennie) in (unless my daughters are home from school).

Let us know if you prefer she NOT come in the room with Dr. Jennie.

Maggie is a 35-lb Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier. Wheatens are one of the least likely breeds to cause allergies. She doesn’t shed, isn’t drooley, and gets a bath weekly. I’m allergic to almost all dogs, even doodles, which is how I found this sweet, smart breed via my old allergy doc.

I completely understand that some people can be concerned about allergies with her. While there’s no dog that is 100% allergen free, wheatens are one of the closest.

A common question is what’s the correct way to approach a service dog?

Well, normally, not at all for most service animals. It’s best not to distract them while they’re working. Always ask the owner/handler if it’s ok to interact with the dog.

In Maggie’s case, since we are in such a personal setting, I have trained her to say hello, which is unusual for a service dog. She is probably the most popular at our office, so I decided to roll with it and incorporate it into her training.

Maggie is always focused on me, though, even if she’s also getting a few good ear scratches 😉.

She’s doing her job, and she takes it pretty seriously.

Meet Maggie

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