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What is Chinese Herbal Medicine

Chinese Herbal Medicine CentennialChinese herbal medicine has been in use for thousands of years. In China, this is the true medicine. Acupuncture and the other therapies are additional therapies.

Chinese medicinals consist of plant, animal and mineral substances, with the vast majority from plant sources. Please let us know if you are vegan or have any allergies.

Herbs are categorized into very specific groups that enable us to get very detailed in what we’re treating. Each part of the plant may have very different properties, and when combined with other herbs, we can enhance the effects we want, and reduce side effects.

We usually use formulas made up of several herbs, rather than single herbs. By combining these potent medicinals, we are able to create formulas that are complex and tailored to your specific symptoms and constitution.

Modern science is now finding that many of these substances do, indeed, treat what they are said to treat. In fact, some Chinese herbals are now found to be the best at treating some illnesses, like Qing Hao/ Artemesia/Sweet Wormwood in treating Malaria.)

Why should I use herbal medicine?

Using herbal formulas enables us to continue your treatment on a daily basis. As always, the formulas are designed to treat the root and symptoms. In most cases, using herbs in conjunction with acupuncture and bodywork will dramatically improve results and shorten treatment.

How is Chinese herbal medicine different from Western herbs/pharmaceuticals?

Chinese medicine takes a different approach to herbal therapy, just as it does with other aspects of health. There are three main aspects that sets it apart.

Chinese medicine always treats your symptoms, AND your constitution.

Your constitution is your unique body—your natural and genetic strengths and weakness. In every herbal remedy, we aim to treat your symptoms within the context of your specific body.

Let’s use the common cold as an example:

  • Two people both have the same bad cold and cough, but they may not have the exact same symptoms. If one person tends to be very phlegmy, and hot in nature (red face, hot temper), their symptoms will probably be a lot of thick, yellow mucus, bad cough, fever…..but a person with the same virus who tends to be dry all the time, and gets cold easily, might have a dry cough w/ white or clear congestion, and feel really weak.
  • If we use an herb that treats a cold with a lot of yellow phlegm, it will dry it up and help cool the body. You can see if a person tends to be really dry, have a dry cough and is really cold, this same herb could cause some trouble. It would dry them out too much, and make their body too cold.
  • With Chinese herbal medicine, we can treat both of those people very specifically, right down to the color of the phlegm. With that specificity, we can effectively treat even the common cold. We would incorporate potent antiviral herbs, along with herbs to treat the wet or dry cough, to warm or cool. We even have different formulas for different stages of the cold, whether you’re just coming down with it, or have had it for a week.

Every herb is NOT good for every person

In western medicine and herbalism, medicines are often used for everyone. In Chinese Medicine, however, herbs aren’t necessarily considered good for everyone, depending on their constitution.

The example of different herbs for different cold symptoms applies here, too. Another example is herbs like Ginseng or Ashwaganda, which are great for low energy and hormone issues. They’re very warming, so it’s good if you tend to be cold all the time, but will make you hotter if you’re already prone to heat.

Our formulas are made to be balanced and treat multiple aspects.

When we make a formula, we have our “Chief” herbs, which treat your main symptoms. The “Assistant” herbs treat your secondary symptoms. We have “Guide” herbs to target specific areas of your body, and lastly, there are herbs to balance out any side effects of the other herbs, and make it easier to digest.

In fact, it’s pretty rare for us to use a single herb (although we sometimes do).

As you can see, we are able to be very specific in what we’re treating, and this make Chinese herbal medicine, as well as acupuncture, very effective at treating many health issue. That’s why it’s been practiced continually for thousands of years!

We make it easy for you!

We use mostly encapsulated herbal formulas, to make it as easy as possible for you to take them as prescribed.

We also have tinctures, syrups for kids (and sometimes adults).

Occasionally, we may prescribe a granulated powder formula if you have special concerns that rule out certain herbs in our formulas. In these cases, we write a custom formula and have it filled at Yan Jing Supply in Denver.

Topical liniments, pain-relief oils and ointments are also available for aches, pains, injuries, as well as eczema, shingles and rashes.

Your safety is our top priority

All of our herbal medicines and nutritional supplements are sourced from companies that follow the most rigorous safely guidelines, from how the herbs are grown, to how they are processed. All strictly follow the gold standard of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) followed worldwide. Herbs are processed to remove toxicities and balance and enhance their useful properties according to centuries of experience.

As Certified Herbalists (NCCAOM-Dipl.OM), we have hundreds of hours of training in the blending of herbs, their safety, when not to use them, and who to use them for!

Please keep us updated on any changes in your Western Medicines and prescriptions. This helps us ensure that your herbs and meds can be safely taken together.

Always follow the advice of a certified Herbalist, just as you would with western pharmacists. Herbs are powerful medicine, and not every herb is good for every person.

Our most used brands:

  • Classical Pearls
  • Evergreen Herbs
  • Blue Poppy Herbs
  • Qualiherbs
  • Pure Encapsulations
  • Innate Response
  • Nordic Naturals


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