Sars-Cov2/COVID19: How we’re keeping you safe!

It’s a brave new world we’re living in, and I know how stressful it can be. Adaptability is a key part of Resilience, and there is much we can do to stay safe. 

Keeping my patients healthy is my number one priority, as well as minimizing the spread of the virus.  Whether you come into the office for treatment, or use Telemedicine Health Coaching, I am here to support you and your health through this stressful time. 

If you decide it’s the right choice for you to come in for treatment, know that I am taking every precaution in my office.  All the details are below. 

If you decide that coming in to the office  is not the right choice for you right now, we can do Telemedicine appointments for Herbal Medicine, Nutritional Supplements and Health Coaching to keep you in excellent health without leaving your house. 

Office Protocols and Precautions:

      • If you have fever, cough, aches, etc OR have been exposed PLEASE CONTACT US 
      • We will do a Telemedicine Consult or cancel your visit at no charge if you’re on the schedule
      • If you aren’t on the schedule, I can still help you with herbal medicine and wellness consult
      • I will also close temporarily if I am ill or have been exposed.  
    • ALL patients must wear a mask at all times.  
      • you can wear your own cloth mask or I will provide a mask for you
      • I know masks can be difficult, but we wear them to protect each other.  And it works.  We will find a comfortable position for you, whether it’s sidelying or semi-reclined. 
    • PPE for Jennie:
      • I will wear a KN95 mask at all times 
      • a lab coat to minimize potential contamination on my clothing.
      • Single-use gloves for cleaning, changing sheets
    • Please wait in your car when you get here, and I’ll text you when I’m ready for you.
      • When you come in, I’ll have you go straight into your treatment room to minimize time spent in the waiting room and increase social distancing.
    • Please keep a Credit Card on file to minimize contact and time spent in check-out
      • You can either add this to your profile in the Patient Portal
      • or you can read it to me when you check out and I will save it for you in the encrypted system. 
    • Cleaning Protocols
      • Each treatment room will be sanitized with an EPA-approved cleaner after each patient. This includes all touched surfaces, such as the massage table, chair, call button, door knobs, counter and even the hand sanitizer bottle. 
      • Room use will be staggered so each room has an air-out period between patients. 
      • All sheets (as always) will be washed in hot water with bleach 
      • Hand Sanitizer is available in the waiting room and each treatment room
      • Our usual meticulous hand washing and other OSHA mandated protocols are in place
      • I have to remove most non-sanitizable objects throughout the office.

Telemedicine Appointments for continual support:

To further minimize exposure and prolonged contact, Telemedicine appointments are a great option for supporting your health.  We can do a lot in these appointments! Herbal medicine, nutrition and health coaching offer you powerful support, even if we have more stay-at-home orders. Herbs and supplements can be prescribed via my online affiliate pharmacies. 

Also, all Free 15 minute Initial Consults and New Patient Intake appointments are now done via Telemedicine.  This has become a great way to meet patients and do a thorough intake while minimizing prolonged contact.  

All Telemedicine appointments are safely done via my  HIPAA complaint, encrypted health records system. 

If you get sick: 

The reality is that some of us may get this virus over the next year. Even though I can’t treat you in office, I can help you anytime with a Telemedicine appointment to prescribe herbs, supplements and self-care plan.  These can greatly minimize severity and duration of illness, and avoid the severe problems that can arise with COVID-19.

Please do not hesitate to book a telemedicine appointment, or email, text or call if you have been exposed or feel sick.  The faster we treat it the better.  

    • EXPOSURE: herbal formulas for when you’ve been exposed but aren’t sick yet (like if your spouse is sick.)
    • IF YOU ARE SICK: herbal formulas for many symptoms and stages, advice to help manage symptoms lessen intensity and duration.
    • RECOVERY: once you’ve been cleared as non-contagious, Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture can help you recover completely and quickly to avoid the common lingering health issues we’re seeing in COVID patients. 


To minimize contact, I will be moving more of my pharmacy online.

    • Fullscript, which you can access through my website here, has a fantastic selection of supplements. I am happy to make recommendations for you at your in-person or telemedicine appointment 
    • Herbal formulas are by prescription only through a separate online pharmacy. Many formulas are not appropriate for long-term use and need to be reassessed periodically. 

I will keep herbal formulas in stock for acute conditions, topicals, and certain brands that are not available on the online pharmacies.  This includes products like 

    • Cold Nip and other acute illness formulas
    • Classical Pearls Line
    • Po Sum On and CBD products 

Planning for the Future:

We know this virus will be with us for awhile, and we may have to shutdown again. One thing has become very clear….I need more options for helping people when we can’t do it in person or when they’re sick, without creating unnecessary exposure. I’m working to make my practice adaptable to continue to help as many people as I can through all stages of this and beyond. I’d love to hear your suggestions on how I can help you!

We’ll get through this together.