Types of Bodywork offered:

Each body is unique, and so is your treatment. During your initial visit, we will assess which combination of techniques will most effectively and efficiently help you. We will also recommend frequency and length of treatment moving forward. You can request certain therapies, as well.

Massage/Trigger Point Therapy/Myofascial Release


Massage therapy addresses tension and restriction in the muscles of the body. By releasing restrictions here, we improve mobility, range of motion, and healing, as well as relaxing the mind and body. Massage has been shown to increase circulation, lymphatic circulation, and aiding the immune system, as well as reducing pain.

We practice therapeutic massage, treating injury, pain and imbalance.

Trigger Point Therapy

Trigger points were discovered by Janet Travell, MD more than 50 years ago. She found that there are specific and predictable knots in muscles that produce pain patterns called “referral pain.” By releasing the knots in these muscles, we can relieve the pain. With massage, this is done by direct, sustained pressure into the trigger points until they soften and release.

We may also work these trigger points using acupuncture needles (also known as Dry Needling).

In Chinese medicine, these points are called “ashi points.” The literal translation of Ashi is, “ah yes!” as in, “ah yes, that’s the spot!” Treating these points directly has been an integral part of acupuncture therapy for centuries.

Myofascial Release

Myofascial Release is gentle, sustained pressure into the fascia and connective tissues of the body to release restrictions, reduce pain and improve range of motion. It is a gentle, safe, and extremely effective technique that addresses a different layer of tissue than massage. Jennie has also studied structural integration techniques, similar to Rolfing, that also work directly with the fascia.

By working with these tissues, we are able to address many different levels of restriction in the tissues of the body and achieve deeper, lasting results, even with chronic injury.

Visceral Manipulation/Neural Manipulation

Both Visceral and Neural Manipulation are gentle manual therapies that work with the body and nervous system, relieving deep restrictions in the tissue while enhancing the functioning of the organs and nervous system

Visceral Manipulation works with structural and functional imbalances in the organs. It assesses restriction in the soft tissues and ligaments, as well as how the organs are able to move appropriately inside the body as you move. Restrictions can happen from surgeries, pregnancy and delivery, injuries (like seat-belt injuries in a car accident), from illness and inflammation caused by a variety of issues. By releasing restrictions and allowing normal movement, we enhance the function of the organ, relieving stress on the body. See the Barral Institute for much more detail at

Neural Manipulation is much like Craniosacral Therapy, but more targeted and specific. It works with the Nerves, bones of the skull and spine, and the Dura (surrounding tissue of brain and spinal cord). As stated on the Barral institute website, “A nerve only functions correctly when it is able to move feely within its surrounding structures.” When the nerve restrictions are removed, the entire structure it innervates can function better. Find out more at

Craniosacral Therapy

Craniosacral Therapy is a gentle manual therapy method that works with bones in the skull (cranium) and spine, along with the membranes (dura) and cerebral-spinal fluid that protect the brain and spinal cord. It has a very light touch, about the weight of a nickel, and is gentle and safe for almost everyone.

It’s excellent for treating….Read More


  • Free Initial Consult
    15 Minute Free Consultation – Learn how we can help you and see if we’re a good fit
  • New Patient Intake (via Telemedicine)
    25 Minute Telemedicine – New Patient Intake including detailed health history and treatment goal setting
  • Telemedicine Herbal/Supplement Consult
    25 Minute Telemedicine – Herbal, Supplement and Lifestyle Guidance from the safety of your home
  • Acupuncture Follow-Up (45-60 minutes)
    Acupuncture + Herbal Consult
  • Follow-Up Acupuncture/Manual Therapy/Herbal Combo (60 minutes)
    Acupuncture + Herbal consult + 25 min manual therapy
  • Pediatric Follow-Up
    Acupuncture only
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