The 4 Best Therapies for Natural Migraine Relief

If you suffer from migraines, or any chronic headaches, you’ve probably tried a lot of things looking for lasting relief. You want to get control over how much these headaches impact your quality of life. You want natural migraine relief that treats your symptoms, AND the root of the problem. Since migraines and other chronic […]

3 Reasons Why Anxiety in Teens is More Common Than You Think

…And what to do about it As parents of teens, my husband and I often chuckle a bit at the many ways teenagers are pretty much the same as when we were kids. We may have pined after Guess jeans or Esprit bags instead of Lululemon yoga pants or Nike socks, but our kids remind […]

Avoid Colds and the Flu, Naturally

Well, cold and flu have hit hard this year! Hopefully you’ve been taking great care of yourself and are feeling great! Prevention is always the best remedy. If you’ve been wondering what you can do to stay healthy when people all around you are sick, here are some natural ways to keep your immune system […]

When Western Medicine Can't Help…

Have you ever had some kind of health issue that is really debilitating, but none of your western medicine doctors can figure out what is going on, or how to help? Our family is in the midst of one of those situations at the moment. Our daughter has had severe lower right abdominal pain for […]

The Magic Touch

I often get asked what exactly it is that I do in my treatment sessions. Most people say it’s unlike anything they’ve ever experienced before. It’s relaxing and calming, occasionally intense, and it gets results. Deep, lasting, sometimes profound results. I’m an acupuncturist and herbalist, and I am also a bodyworker. I started out as […]